HERBASEPT, 10 oriblets

10 oriblets



20 mg of Peppermint leaf dry extract (Menthae piperitae folii ext.sicc), with 14-16% of menthol

Peppermint leaf contains essential oil in which are present  free or esterified menthol, flavonoids, tannins and bitter substances. Essential oil of peppermint has spasmolytic effect on the smooth muscle of the digestive tract. It has carminative, antibacterial and secretolytic effect. It can be used to relieve symptoms in the initial stages of colds and mild sore throat, for breath refreshment, with mild abdominal cramps and against nausea that can occur during the trip.

STRONG NATURE HERBASEPT is intended as a dietary supplement for adults for maintaining throat health and breath refreshment.

Adults: 4-6 oriblets slowly dissolve in the mouth during the day.

10 oriblets